Today was a big day. Actually took the time to stop and work on my mission and vision statements.

I’ve actually had them in my head for quite some time (years), so as it turns out it wasn’t that hard.

What was particularly hard was having the balls to actually write it down, and then be vulnerable enough to share them with the world.

At the heart of all this is the second rule – happiness is the goal. Not money.

Money is an effective way of keeping score, as we all know what it takes to earn a dollar, and how quickly it goes. But I’ve met enough people with “lots of money” who are absolutely fucking miserable to know that there’s much, much more to life than becoming / being a millionaire.

So I’m joining in with Gary V, and rewriting what it means to be successful. I’d rather be happy with a little, than miserable with a lot.

Funny thing is, I expect that by being happy with a little, it will help me grow a lot – because sharing the love, being kind, having empathy, and giving more than what I’m getting … I’m sure that’s going to be worth more in the long-run.

Let’s find out together.

Thanks for your attention.

Much love,

Phil G