How to be found online

You want to be found online. How is the big question with the tiny answer. So tiny most people miss it. Don’t feel bad – I did for years until it was pointed out to me.

You get to be found online by being online. At this point, feel free to say WTF?! What does that even mean?

You get to be found by being everywhere your audience expects you to be.

Whilst this sounds easy, it’s amazing how many businesses do not have this in place. So much so, there’s an entire business category dedicated to it – online reputation management.

I don’t mean the kind of reputation management of covering up what you did last Thursday night at 3am. What I mean is how is your business positioned across the web?

Say hello to NAP

Google wants to know certain information about your business. In short, your name, your address and your phone number (NAP). This key information is what most people looking for you want to know so that they can get in contact with you to solve their problem.

You need to have your NAP on the web in as many places as possible. As a rule of thumb, the more places the better. Quality and quantity is always a key mix – so where you start is important.

The most obvious place is Google itself. Do you have your Google My Business listing claimed? Is it accurate? Do you have every single bit of information filled out? Don’t feel bad if you don’t – you’re busy running your business.

Take control of your business and your digital assets. Get them accurate, consistent, and everywhere.

What information? Where do I put it? How do I do it? How do I maintain it? You can do it yourself, or you can put your hand up and ask for help. I know what you need, where it needs to go, and can then collect evidence to show that it’s making a difference.

If you’d like to know how – get in touch!

Image credit: Photo by rawpixel